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Culture Workshop

In this 3 hour introductory workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to fully understand what the “sansdemic” (permanent people shortage) means to your organization. You’ll also have the space to start working on strategies to thrive in this new world: how to reinvent recruiting, re-imagine ways of getting your work done and rethink rewards and compensation. You’ll leave with a sketch of a blueprint that can start helping you get the help you need within a week or two.

Job interviews

Reinvent Recruiting.

Move from a competitive selection posture to a welcoming one.

Implement the Fundamental Five F's:

Flexibility, Fun, Financials, Friends, and Feel Good Work 

Bird's Eye View Meeting Table

Re-imagine Work.

Throw out job descriptions in favor of meaningful project assignments.

We provide case studies for the cautious as well as the innovative ready leader.

Job interview

Rethink Performance Management & 

Performance appraisals and tiny incremental raises never worked and are outdated today.  

Learn to replace those with project based coaching for success.

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