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You have a thing.  A great thing in you.  And I want to help you use your thing for something good every day.  This quick overview will explain how "count on me" can super charge every relationship you care about.

Everybody Has a Thing
Conquer Yourself

In the discipline of restraint, in conquering yourself, you will find both invitation and influence.

Lessons on Leaning From the Hardware Store

This episode dives into the work of leaning in and helping others, as demonstrated by Lisa's granddaddy and his hardware store, many years ago.

Potluck Dinners and Leading Work Today

The mother of innovation is the model of the potluck dinner.  Everyone who comes in to work is bringing their skill/talent/effort, and that "offering" is like a casserole.  If we can receive their offering with grace, and match it with others' offerings, we can not only get through, but succeed.

The Five New Fundamentals in Recruiting

We're flipping the table in recruiting. Why? Because that's our best strategy in a sansdemic (too few people in the workforce). The permanent people shortgage calls for major shifts in our approach to recruiting. These five new fundamentals can help.

Facilitating Adult Friendships from the Start

One of the "Five Fs" of flipping the recruiting table in a sansdemic (permanent people shortage) is the simple act of thinking about adult friendships and how we can facilitate those from the very first meeting.  The interview is about meeting a new friend, not judging a candidate.  That's a mind flip that is core to creating the Count on Me Culture.

Fun 101 for the Humor Impaired

Creating the Count on Me Culture means getting good at all five "Fs" --- and FUN is one of them. Are you having fun at work? Are your associates? Let's look at this little gem of inspiration and linger in the question of productive fun for a moment.

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