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The Maturity of America with Lisa Uhrik


Join Kosta and his guest Lisa Uhrik, Author of America Becoming as they discuss the maturity of America and the framing of our interdependence.


Better Together with Kosta Yepifantsev is recorded in Cookeville, TN.

This Developmental Moment: America Comes of Age

by Lisa Uhrik, author and Vanderbilt Peabody College M.Ed '92 and M.Ed '94

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WCTE Live at 5

Join Avery Hutchins on this week's Live at 5 when she talks to a local book author and Vanderbilt alumn, Lisa Uhrik, as she introduces her newly released book. Next, Avery will speak to Jimmie Simpson with the American Job Fair and he will share what's happening on the job front. And lastly, Avery will wrap the show with a 60th Birthday recognition, Cookeville Art Studio & Gallery, with a special guest, Terri Ritter.