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The people shortage (called a sansdemic) has been coming for 28 years. Now that it is here to stay, how will your organization adapt? How will you pursue your dreams and passions? Lisa's strategies are positive, productive game changers. 
A renowned leader in personal and organizational developmental psychology, Lisa has helped hundreds of organizations grow and thrive financially and culturally. Her research has led her to the user friendly term "count on me" — a portal to exploring the true power in offering our best and practicing the art of interdependence. 

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Exploring original, fun and fresh ideas that can help your organization with its most immediate strategic needs --- Lisa uses the unexpected (like the way dogs teach us to be good humans) to connect the dots. 



The Count on Me Culture workshop has a solve for today's #1 business problem: the permanent people shortage.  To thrive in today's reality, let's reinvent recruiting, and reimagine the way we work together. 



The Count On Me podcast shorts are content rich and full of practical innovation.  Designed to help your business succeed in the face of the #1 problem in businesses today: finding your talent. 


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