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Saturday Morning Plenty READ3 Workshop

SATURDAY MORNING PLENTY was a 3 part READ3 workshop in Cookeville, TN. During the first workshop, we discussed our community revelations - There are over 400 non-profits in our county??  There are networking groups for single working moms?? Our university is getting a music business program??  Using tambourines, a cajon, some rhythm sticks, and a few other instruments, we learned from our attempt at a jazz ensemble how important it was to pay attention to each other, to take turns leading, and to always have a steady beat - what is the beat of our community, are we paying attention to each other, creating beautiful harmonies rather than uncomfortable dissonance?  

During our second workshop, we were inspired by each other's perspectives and visions for our community through a community speed dating event!  Each person was given 3 minutes to discuss topics like the music and art scene, healthcare, and public recreational spaces.  We then moved on to making our community vision boards, which we are proudly displaying at our local public library!  We also took a little bit of time to do a practice run of a Franklin Circle.  One of our guests was inspired to start her own Franklin Circle.  Franklin Circles are patterned after Benjamin Franklin's weekly self improvement club in which he gathered a small but diverse group of people together to discuss 13 virtues, one per week, with the goal of applying each virtue to self improvement  and community improvement.

Our third and final workshop will be a time to share our community discoveries, dreams, and declarations!

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